Facial Redness

People with facial redness and flushing have a genetic predisposition to acquire veins from the sun.

Flushing, blushing and facial redness are the classic signs of rosacea, and the main cause is long-term sun damage. Spider veins on the face are one of the five key signs of skin aging. Once you’ve acquired these veins, they respond more rapidly by flushing and blushing to a variety of stimuli such as hot, cold, coffee, alcohol, exercise, etc.  It is impossible to avoid these stimuli as they tend to be a normal part of our lives. And avoiding these triggers does not affect the basic condition anyway, only the short-term flushing.

Rosacea is caused by veins we acquire from the sun, and these veins expand and contract more frequently that our normal veins in response to many common triggers.

The most effective treatment, and the only one that addresses the root cause of rosacea is laser treatment to remove the extra blood vessels.  Most people refer to these veins as broken blood vessels, although they are not broken and are just extra. People often ask if they need these veins, but we were not born with them, and thus we do not need them. Along with flushing and blushing, rosacea is often characterized by pimples, which can be treated with topical and oral medications.

Sun protection is paramount to slowing down the development of facial redness and rosacea. Keep in mind that you are not only exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays when you lie on the beach. People often only count the sun exposure when they get to the beach, but most sun damage occurs doing everyday activities. In fact, most people who drive a lot are much more red on the driver’s side, indicating that they get most of their sun in the car. Clear UV-blocking window film can solve this problem, and sunscreen and a hat with brown sunglasses round out the sun protection triple threat (window film, sunscreen and sunglasses/hat).

Facial Redness

Before & After

Laser treatments today are very effective at removing facial redness and reducing flushing, but it will come back unless you get car window film and wear sunscreen.